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13/01/2022 in children, clients, community sector, education, parenting, students, technology, Young People

Esafety Commissioner Webinars for Parents and Carers

Join one of  Esafety Commissioner free webinars for parents and carers. These live webinars give parents and carers the knowledge, skills and tools to support their children to have safe online…
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08/12/2021 in Brokerage, children, clients, community sector, family violence, funding, good news, homelessness, kinder, parenting, students, support, Young People, youth

School Fees & Uniform’s 2022- Childrens Brokerage

The Children’s Resource Program for the Loddon Mallee Region is part of the LMHN and is staffed by the Children’s Resource Program Coordinator, who provides  networking and resourcing services to…
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08/12/2021 in clients, community sector, homelessness, report, Young People, youth

Towards a Youth Homelessness Strategy for Victoria

Young people are a significant group experiencing homelessness in Victoria. Compared to older cohorts, young people have distinctive pathways into, and experiences of homelessness. To effectively meet the needs of…
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09/11/2021 in children, clients, community sector, education, good news, pandemic, State Government, students

Free Rapid Antigen Testing To Keep Victorian Schools Safe

Schools are now safer for students and staff and disruptions caused by corona virus outbreaks will reduce due to the Victorian Government rolling out the free, at home rapid antigen…
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09/11/2021 in community sector, homelessness, research

Housing affordability plummets, women hit hardest

Advocates warn that women are wearing the brunt of the housing affordability crisis. The Price of a typical Melbourne home has multiplied by 22 in the past 40 years, almost…
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02/11/2021 in affordable housing, children, clients, community sector, homelessness, pandemic

Homes Victoria- More Homes, More Victorians

The Victorian Government announced over $66 million in new funding to provide up to 250 eligible families and children already in hotels with safe, stable and secure accommodation and tailored…
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28/10/2021 in affordable housing, community sector, funding, Grants, homelessness, State Government

Building New Regional Homes For Those Who Need It Most

The Social Housing Growth Fund will be funding up to $300 million to provide grants to fund about 1,000 new homes across regional Victoria to help address housing affordability challenges…
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25/10/2021 in children, clients, family violence, funding

New payment to help women escape violent relationships

Women who are leaving a violent relationship will now have access to a one-off payment of up to $5,000 to help them establish a life free of violence. Under the…
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25/10/2021 in children, community sector

Celebrate Children’s Week 23-31 October 2021

The theme for Children's Week 2020-21 is Children have the right to choose their friends and safely connect with others, drawn from Article 15 of the United Nations Convention on…
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14/10/2021 in Child Development, children, clients, community sector, good news, mental health, pandemic, parenting, State Government

Supporting Families Experiencing Anxiety

  Triple P Positive Parenting Program statewide offers free access online to support parents and carers of children aged 0-12 years, Teen Triple P Online is targeted at parents and…
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