Filthy Rich & Homeless Season 3

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Five high-profile Australians agree to swap their privileged lifestyles for 10 days of being homeless in NSW. They find out what it’s like to go from having everything to having absolutely nothing. Living amongst Australia’s homeless are Emergency Doctor & Businessman Dr. Andrew Rochford, Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne Arron Wood, Restauranteur & Entrepreneur Pauline Nguyen, Comedian & Radio Presenter Ciaran Lyons, and Actress & Model Ellie Gonsalves.


Series 3 of Filthy Rich and Homeless aired on SBS and is now available to watch via SBS On Demand.

Filthy Rich And HomelessThe show probably won’t hold too many surprises for homelessness sector workers, but it is a great way of taking the issue into the lounge rooms of Australians in the wider community and providing an opportunity to educate and inform people about the dire situation faced by people experiencing homelessness.

The data quoted in the show is accurate and will undoubtedly be a shock to many viewers.

One to recommend to family, friends and neighbours when they ask how work is going.

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