How infant-led practice in family violence settings can nurture hope for infants and families- Free Webinar- Wednesday 12th October 12.30-2.30pm

Infants (0–24 months) are at a critical and formative stage of development. If exposed to domestic violence, they are at higher risk of neurological, psychological and physical harm. When working with families experiencing family and domestic violence, it is important to consider the infant’s experience, and recognise their inherent capacities for engagement, exploration and discovery.

Within family and domestic violence practice, infants can be observed formally or informally within a range of settings. The presenters will explore practice contexts, particularly focusing on infant observations and relationship-based conversations that support parents and infants to make meaning and heal.

Recognising the interdisciplinary practices that contribute to safety and care for infants experiencing family and domestic violence this webinar will:

  • Discuss practices that support the infant as an active agent of change in working with families experiencing family and domestic violence.
  • Explore how infant observations and respectful curiosity can support parents and infants to describe their stories of hope and resilience.
  • Consider how preverbal infants communicate with their parents and how they make meaning of their experiences of trauma.

This webinar will be of interest to practitioners working in the child, family, health, accommodation and housing sectors who encounter or directly work with infants, toddlers and families within the context of domestic and family violence.

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