Nearly 1 in 200 people homeless on Census night in 2021


The latest Census data is out, and as we thought the statistics are not great for the homeless people in this country, with a 5.2% jump on the 2016 Census.

Key statistics

  • 122,494 people were estimated to be experiencing homelessness on Census night in 2021.
  • Males made up 55.9% of people experiencing homelessness; females made up 44.1%.
  • 23.0% of all people experiencing homelessness were aged from 12 to 24 years.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experiencing homelessness at the time of the 2021 Census:

  • Three in five (60.0%) were living in ‘severely’ crowded dwellings
  • Almost one in five (19.1%) were in supported accommodation for the homeless
  • Nearly one in ten (9.3%) were living in improvised dwellings, tents, or sleeping out.

For a more comprehensive look into what the Census data tells us please click on this link.

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