SHS Learning Program bulletin 14th May 2024

Welcome to the SHS Learning Program bulletin, which outlines the latest live training and eLearn modules available from the SHS Learning Hub.

                                                    To access the Hub, visit the CHP website and click “SHS Learning Hub”.

Training available:

SHS Team Leadership – The SHS Team Leadership course is aimed at experienced Team Leaders (or equivalent, e.g., Advanced Practitioners) in the Specialist Homelessness Sector. It is recommended that learners have at least six months of experience in the role.

The course involves learners completing the eLearn and participating in live follow-up training sessions.

In the SHS Team Leadership course, you will explore:
•    The principles of effective leadership
•    Characteristics of effective leaders
•    The importance of self-awareness and self-management
•    How to get the best out of individuals – motivation, development, performance
•    Team magic – managing conflict, building team spirit, getting outcomes
•    Building resilience
•    Change management
•    Building networks and managing partnerships

Advanced Case Management Practice

Trauma -informed Practice 2: Creating healing systems

MARAM Practice and Alignment Survey

A Student’s Introduction to the SHS – As part of its commitment to supporting consumers and homelessness services, the Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) has developed this introduction for students studying the community services suite of qualifications.

It has been developed in consultation with graduates of community qualifications,  practitioners from the specialist homelessness sector – Aboriginal Community Controlled, and non-aboriginal organisations and consumers who have experience living without a home.

Person Centred Practice

The eLearn forms part of an induction package that includes eLearns and a live session

This eLearn is about positive things we can do – that are within our grasp. These things include the way we use language, how we listen to people’s experiences and how we collaborate with people seeking housing support, working in ways that uphold people’s human rights and dignity.

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