Free webinar- Encouraging private sector development of social and affordable housing- 25th October, 2pm-3.30pm

The volume of social and affordable housing required in Australia can not be supplied by only one sector and needs to be financed, developed and managed by partnerships of government, community-based and market providers. Institutional investors and superannuation funds have a level of interest in social and affordable housing, particularly during times of low interest rates. Whilst investment in this type of housing may have lower yields, this is offset by lower risk.

There are a range of established and emerging affordable housing product types which can be supported through collaboration with not-for-profit and for-profit partners. However, some barriers and risks need to be addressed if the private sector is going to support a significant increase in social and affordable housing.

This webinar will present the findings from the forthcoming AHURI report ‘Private sector involvement in social and affordable housing’, led by Richard Benedict, Sydney University.

In his 90 minute webinar you will learn:

  • How collaboration between government, community-based and market providers can help to increase the volume of social and affordable housing.
  • What barriers and risks need to be mitigated to enable investment from the private sector.

What combinations of government subsidy, policy setting and regulation are required.

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